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October 6, 2011 / Daniel

NT Wright and the Quest for the Historical Jesus

Cover of "Jesus and the Victory of God (C...

Last spring I read NT Wright’s New Testament and the People of God.  It was fascinating.  (I had read several of Wright’s popular level books, but only bits and pieces of his “Christian Origins” series.)  So, since I enjoyed NTPG so much, I decided to start working through Jesus and the Victory of God.   Wright’s book is in many ways a response to the work of the Jesus Seminar.

Wright says that there are five questions that must be answered in our study of the historical Jesus.

  1. How does Jesus fit into the Judaism of his day?
  2. What were Jesus’ aims?
  3. How did the early church come into being?
  4. Why did it take the shape that it did?
  5. Why are the gospels what they are?
Wright then adds an additional question.
“So what?”

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