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July 1, 2011 / Daniel

The Beatitudes according to a Fallen World

Jesus is considered by scholars such as Weber ...

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How do you get ahead in the world today? You get ahead by taking advantage of other people.   By having a better marketing scheme than the next guy.  By working harder than all of your competitors.   This world tells us to do unto others before they do unto you.   In its current fallen condition, our  world blesses the rich, the powerful, and the beautiful.

Here are the Beatitudes according to this world.

Blessed are the wealthy, because they have lots of stuff.

Blessed are the successful, because everything goes their way.

Blessed are the powerful, because they get what they want.

Blessed are the sexy, because they get noticed by people.

But in the Age to Come, Jesus is going to turn the tables.  There will be a Great Reversal.

Marantha, Lord Jesus!


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