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March 30, 2011 / Daniel

Reasons for Hell

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Last night at Bible study, Bruce started teaching through the book of Romans.  At one point in our study, we discussed various reasons why God would actually send people to hell.   Here are some of the reasons that we came up with.

1.  If everyone is saved in the end, then the cross was a waste of God’s time.

2.  If everyone is saved in the end, then God is an enabler of sin.

3.  If everyone goes to heaven, then heaven would be no different than earth.

4.  How can God be a good God if He does not avenge Auschwitz?   Hell is necessary for the vindication of God’s justice.

5.  What makes heaven “heaven” is the presence of God.  What makes hell “hell” is the absence of God (2 Thess 1:9).   If you hate God, you wouldn’t enjoy heaven in the first place.  The purpose of salvation is not getting a more comfortable afterlife.  The purpose of salvation is to know the one true living God (John 17:3).


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