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November 20, 2007 / Daniel

Salvation Outline

 Here’s an outline for my doctrinal statement. 

Salvation by grace
  • I believe that salvation is God’s gracious gift
  • Unmerited, undeserved, God’s not obligated to give salvation
  • Grace is free to us, but it is very costly
Salvation through Jesus
  • The incarnation (life, death, and resurrection)
  • It is exclusive.  It’s only good for those who belong to God’s covenant people.
  • In the OT, you belonged to the covenant people, by trusting in God’s covenant promises.
  • In the NT, you belong to the covenant people by trusting in Jesus, since God’s covenant promises center on him
  • There is no other way
 Salvation requires atonement
  • Through the atonement, Jesus conquered sin and death.  He faced everything that evil to offer and overcame it in His resurrection.
  • In the atonement, Jesus was a vicarious substitute for our sins.  He paid the debt that we owed.  We had insulted God.  He made restitution for that guilt.  He satisfied God’s wrath by paying our penalty.  
  • In the atonement, Jesus gives us an example to follow.  We are called to bear our cross in a suffering, fallen world.  
Salvation is already, but not yet.
  • Jesus’ work is the climax of world history.  We now live between two ages.  On Easter morning, God’s new creation invaded our fallen world in a definite way.  And yet, it has not yet been consumated.  
Salvation involves our response.
  • We must personally respond to God’s gift of Calvary and Easter.
  • We must have a conversion. 
  • Conversion involves faith and repentance.
  • It is marked by baptism and the gift of the Spirit.
  • It produces faithful obedience.
Salvation is a deliverance.
  • We have been delivered from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light.
  • We have been ransomed from sin. 
  • God’s kingdom will come to earth.
Salvation is a renewal of this earth.
  • We have experienced a new birth
  • We are regenerated.  We become new people.  We have eternal life (the life from the age to come).
  • We are a new creation.
Salvation involves God’s family.
  • We have been adopted into God’s family.
  • We become His children.
  • We are heirs with Christ.
  • We have been reconciled.
Salvation involves worship.
  • We have been sanctified (set apart for worship)
  • We are declared holy.
  • Position/Practice.
Salvation is legal.
  • We have been forgiven of our sins.
  • We have a new status before God.
  • We have been declared righteous on the basis of His Son’s work for us. 
  • Justification has legal and covenantal overtones.
Salvation is not an end in itself.  It is a means to an end–worship. 


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  1. serial youth pastor / Nov 20 2007 8:43 pm

    looks good…and serves as a great reminder too.

  2. Matthew C / Nov 21 2007 8:40 am

    I thought I might have some difficulties here.

    I am most troubled by the lack of any mention of eternal security.

    I dont really like the emphasis on covenant. I believe the New Covenant was for Israel and bringing the church into the New Covenant can lead to dispensational confusion.

    “Grace is free to us, but it is very costly”#

    If you mean cost born by our Lord, then I agree. However, I do not understand the position that so many take which maintains that eternal life is costly for the believer while still being free.

    I think you also should say something about the Christian’s identification with the ascended Christ in heaven.

    God Bless


  3. Daniel / Nov 21 2007 3:13 pm


    This is just an outline. I intend on clarifying it as I finish the project.

    I think that I see a little more connection in Scripture between Israel and the church than you would.

    I did mean that grace is costly for God, but I believe that grace empowers the Christian living in such a way that the fruit of Spirit should be evident.

  4. Matthew C / Nov 21 2007 6:43 pm

    Right, thanks for the clarification on that point.

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