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November 1, 2007 / Daniel

Man, Part One

I believe that man is a special creation of God. Human life did not evolve from lower life forms (Gen. 2:7, 21-23). Since humanity is made in the image of God, man and woman are the pinnacle of God’s creation (Gen. 1:27). In the ancient world, pagan worshipers would make graven images of their false gods to represent the deity’s dominion over the land (Ex. 20:4). Genesis uses the phrase “image of God” to indicate that human beings are God’s representatives in the cosmos (Walton 130-31). He has given us dominion over the rest of creation. The image of God gives human life great dignity (Gen. 9:6; James 3:9). As image-bearers, we were created to know and enjoy God (Rom. 8:29; Col. 1:16).

Scripture also teaches that man is both a material and immaterial being. Although distinct, the material and immaterial parts of a human being function together as a cohesive whole. Scripture uses several of the following terms to refer to the immaterial part of man: heart, mind, spirit, and soul. (Gen. 6:5; Gen. 34:3; Gen. 41:8; Rom. 1:28).



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  1. Matthew C / Nov 1 2007 8:05 pm

    You take a dichotomist view of the nature of man?

  2. Daniel / Nov 1 2007 8:36 pm

    Yeah. I lend that way, but I’m not completely sold on it.

    Which one do you hold?

  3. Matthew C / Nov 2 2007 8:57 am

    Dichotomist, being the deeply Reformed person that I am.

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