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August 28, 2007 / Daniel

Helmut Thielicke on Truth and Love 2

Here’s another Helmut Thielicke quote that Dr. Greenman gave us yesterday.

“The man who studies theology…might watch carefully whether he increasingly does not think in the third person rather than the second person…This transition from one to the other level of thought, from a personal relationship with God to a merely technical reference, usually is exactly synchronized with the moment that I no longer can read the word of Holy Scripture as a word to me, but only as the object of exegetical endeavors.  This is the first step towards the worst and most widespread ministers’ disease.  For the minister frequently can hardly expound a text as a letter which has been written to him, but he reads the text under the impulse of the question, How would it be used in a sermon?…Consider that the first time someone spoke of God in the third person and therefore no longer with God but about God was that very moment when the question resounded, ‘Did God really say’ (Gen. 3:1).  This fact ought to make us think.”   


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