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August 8, 2007 / Daniel

Scot McKnight on the NPP again

Check out the Jesus Creed as he continues to cover the New Perspective on Paul.

I love this quote about NT Wright and his Reformed critics.

 What perhaps annoys most is that he’s intent on out sola-scripturing the Reformed camp; what annoys someone like me is that I hear too much on the part of the Reformed camp that Wright’s views are not consistent with the Reformation. How ironical is that? Isn’t the question: What does the Bible say?


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  1. Michael Awbrey / Aug 9 2007 3:16 am

    Hey man, we are on the same page. Read my comment that I posted at Justin Tayor’s blog. Good to know others are seeing what I see. (I about blew a blood vessel when next poster told me that the reformers have done the heavy Bible work. All hail Pope John Calvin I! Honestly, I think the reformers would be utterly disgraced to see so many taking them as the final authority on what scripture says, indeed, that was one of the very things the sought to reform – an unhealthy dependence of the laity on the clergy.)

    Justin –
    One thing I see over and over in the NPP debate is that from the language used, the issue seems to be that the NNP folks arn’t saying what the reformers said.

    Not to downplay the reformers, but making the reformers the final authority doesn’t seem to sit well with what the reformers themselves taught – always reforming.

    For me, if one wants to do serious discussion with the NPP folks, they need to do it on the basis of historical and textual (including scripture) arguments. So far, I am not seeing that done.

    When the sole argument against them becomes “this isn’t what the approved teachers have taught since the 15th century”, I think the argument is lost.

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