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July 18, 2007 / Daniel

Barry Bonds

I came across this photo essay on Barry Bonds and his physical changes during his career.  It’s sort of interesting.  Do you think that he did steroids?  How should that impact how we view him as a player?



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  1. serial youth pastor / Jul 18 2007 10:08 pm

    Yeah I’m not sure. I’m thinking he probably did. But even if you look at his pictures he only gained 20 or so pounds over the last 20 years he has played baseball. I used to be a power lifter and honestly 20 pounds in 20 years is nothing. You can easily put on 20-25 pounds of muscle in a year with the proper training and lifting without juicing up. I think what people need to look at is Barry’s frame from when he started in 1986. He was a pretty small guy in a lot of ways. His shoulders are fairly narrow and his thighs are pretty small. Now in 2007 his shoulders are broader and his thighs are huge. Plus he is looking a little pudgy. In my opinion if the weight he put on was from purely working out his face would be thinner and not as pudgy as it is now. My verdict is yes he juiced up.

  2. fiester25 / Jul 18 2007 10:50 pm

    I didn’t realize that it was only 20 some pounds. That’s not unbelievable. He’s still a great hitter one way or another.

  3. serial youth pastor / Jul 19 2007 7:11 pm

    yeah I’m not downplaying his hitting ability at all. The Big Mac was also a great hitter. I think better than Bonds and had the stats and achievements to prove it.

  4. bob loblaw / Jul 26 2007 8:24 pm

    the first picture (1986) says his listed weight is 185 and the last (2007) says his listed weight is 228 = 43 pounds. and between 1996 and 1997 he went from 190 to 206. 15 pounds in one year, or one off season? i need to get me some flaxseed oil.

  5. serial youth pastor / Jul 27 2007 4:22 pm

    bob you are correct. My math failed me. Still 15 pounds in an off season can be done. I’m just not so sure it can be done by a baseball player. And with the supplements that are on the market today creatine, phosphagen, nitro, numerous proteins and such it is definitely possible. I took creatine once a loooong time ago and it upped my bench press by 65 pounds in 2 months. I quit taking it after that.

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