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July 14, 2007 / Daniel

itunes shuffle

The Serial Youth Pastor tagged me and wanted me to share with everyone the top ten songs of my itunes shuffle.  This might seem silly but I really don’t have much music on my ipod.  I’m a huge music fan, but I mostly listen to music on CD’s.  Pretty old-fashioned.  I use my ipod mostly for downloading sermons and listening to them. I also use it to listen books on tape and the Bible.  On past road-trips, Shelley has complained that she needs ipod so we can actually listen to music. 

1.  “John 3” read by Max McLean.

2.  “Power in the Blood” by Shane and Shane.

3.  “James 4” read by Max McLean.

4.  “Colossians 3” read by Max McLean.

5.  “Beautiful News” by Matt Redman.

6.  “American Dream” by Switchfoot.

7.  “Malachi” in the NIV.

8.  “Matt. 15” read by Max McLean.

9.  “All Bow Down” by Chris Tomlin.

10.  “Awake My Soul” by Derek Webb.

 BTW, I really don’t use the shuffle feature on itunes that much.  You probably can see why.  If you want to be tagged, just leave a comment and you are. 

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