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June 27, 2007 / Daniel

Don Miller on the role of narrative in theology

I just ran across this article from CT.  A pretty good read.  Moderns tend to neglect the role of story in understanding truth. (BTW, that’s one of the strengths of the NPP.  Re-reading Paul to notice the unlying narratives).  

Don Miller makes some pretty good points in this article.  I love the comparison between favorite movies and favorite creeds. Check it out.


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  1. Levi Michael / Jun 29 2007 1:33 pm

    In relation to our conversation the other day about the development of Marian theology, here is an interesting book by Jaroslav Pelikan (a late Yale professor and church historian par excellence).
    In this book he traces the development of marian dogma from the first century through the present.
    (Incidentally, in his old age he converted from the Lutheran Church to the Orthodox Church and is buried at St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Seminary in Crestwood, NY).

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