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June 23, 2007 / Daniel

Salvation Survey

Every year at Camp Rock the dormleaders (i.e. counselors) are provided with a survey about salvation to give to the campers.  The purpose of the survey is to see how much your campers understand about the gospel and the plan of salvation.  The surveys ask questions like, “If you were to die today, would you go to heaven?” or “What’s it mean to be a Christian?” or “Why should God let you into heaven?” 

Based on these surveys, the dormleaders have some information to talk with their kids about Christ.   In some ways, they are really helpful.  But in another way, I somewhat struggle with the whole concept.  Sometimes we present the gospel as if we can give the right answers on a theological test, then you have your “get-out-of-hell-free” card and you and God are square. 

That doesn’t seem exactly right to me.  Salvation is more than proper theological understanding (as important as that is).  Salvation is about knowing the Savior.  In other words, when a person experiences salvation, that person is actually experiencing another person, not just some really cool ideas.   


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