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May 28, 2007 / Daniel


This week Shelley, Mae, and I are going to Colorado to hang out with her family.  That should be fun.  I might even get to do some fishing.   Tomorrow my friend Josh Knaub and Growing Young are going to be here.   I haven’t seen Josh in awhile so I’m looking forward to that.   

Sunday School went well today.  Since we’re going to Camp Homeward Trails this summer, we talked about how to share the gospel with campers.  I reminded them that the gospel is first and foremost a story.  The main points of the plot are creation, fall, Good Friday, Easter, us, and new creation.   There’s an intro–creation.  There’s a crisis–the fall.  Then the climax–Good Friday and Easter.  And we’re stuck in between Easter and new creation.  

Thinking of the gospel in story terms seems to be more helpful to me than thinking of it in a purely propositional manner (i.e.  the Four Spiritual Laws).   

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