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May 20, 2007 / Daniel


I try not to get superinvolved in politics.  I tend to believe that most politicians (Republican and Democrat alike) are crooks.  But I saw this interesting article by Michael Kinsley in Time.    One of my major pet peeves is when you hear folks talk about abortion and say something like this, “Now I would never do it, but I think that others should have the right to choose whether to have an abortion.”  Give me a break.  If you really think that abortion’s wrong (i.e. murder), then you should logically conclude that it should be illegal.    Look at what Kinsley writes about Giuliani and Romney.

Ever since Roe, politicians seeking a middle ground on abortion have been attracted to this notion of personal opposition but official toleration. Its roots go back to John F. Kennedy’s famous speech to the Protestant ministers of Houston, in which Kennedy essentially offered voters a deal: If you won’t allow my religion to affect the way you vote, I won’t allow my religion to affect the way I govern. Giuliani and Romney both want that deal.

But that deal is no longer available. It is bizarre for a politician to promise not to let his most profound moral beliefs affect the way he governs. By contrast, Giuliani’s point that Republicans will lose the election if they don’t lighten up on abortion may well be true. Not only that: it may be the only assertion made by Giuliani or Romney on the subject of abortion in this campaign that the speaker really, in his heart, believes.

 Unbelievable.  I can’t vote for someone who just tells me what I want to hear in order to get elected. 




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  1. JMC / May 20 2007 1:02 pm

    Hi. Coincidentally, I just wrote a post concerning the middle ground, or lack thereof, in the abortion issue. It’s a tough issue (understatement of the millennium).

  2. Dennis / May 20 2007 8:28 pm

    Hey Daniel,

    Long time no talk…

    Here in Michigan, we have a Catholic governor who is caught in the same conundrum and has given the same response that you mentioned.

    I think it’s weak as well.

    Unfortunately, Democrats are caught. In Politics, you either have to be fully pro-life or fully pro-abortion. If you try to ride the middle fence, you will be rejected by both camps.

    So, these Democrats have to “compromise” their virtues in order to win campaign money (and more importantly votes). Hopefully God has mercy on them for their decisions.

    Great thoughts.

  3. Matthew C / May 21 2007 7:23 am

    Politics is about being effective and accomplishing things. If convictions stand in the way of reaching effective compromises, they are a liability to one who is involved in politics.

    Men who constantly stand by their convictions and refuse to compromise tend to fail in politics.

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