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April 17, 2007 / Daniel

Resurrection of the Son of God 3

So far I have to conclude that this is NT Wright’s best book.  I love it.  His coverage is vast, yet he doesn’t get off topic.  It’s amazing how the resurrection keeps coming up lately in my life (no pun intended, honestly).  Just the other day Shelley was talking with a co-worker about the Discovery channel’s bogus documentary on the Jesus family tomb and she was able to talk about some of the information from this book that I keep talking to her about. 

 After dealing with the pagan world and the OT, Wright turns to the intertestament period to examine their views about resurrection.  We look at the Sadducees who didn’t believe in the resurrection and the Pharisees who did.  However, the Pharisees believed that the resurrection would happen in the future at the end time, not in the middle of history.    


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