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April 13, 2007 / Daniel

Resurrection of the Son of God 2

Well, I’m slowly working my way through Wright’s book on the resurrection.  It’s a really good book.  I might have to talk about the resurrection for youth group in the near future. 

After reviewing the ancient Greek world, Wright concludes that the pagan world pretty much agreed about the possibility of resurrection–it can’t happen.  Wright also demonstrated from this meaning of resurrection–new physical life after experiencing death.  The pagans did believe in life after death.  However, that involve a new physical life in this world or a renew body.  Life after death meant that your immaterial soul was now free from the prison of your body.  (This was not what the NT writers meant by the term “resurrection.”

After examining the Greek world, Wright turns to the Jewish world to look at their beliefs about the resurrection.  It might come as a surprise to many, but the OT doesn’t talk that much about resurrection.   One explanation for this is that the Bible is an unfolding story in which God progressively reveals His truth to His people.   



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