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April 11, 2007 / Daniel

Wright and Dispensationalism

As much as NT Wright is a critic of dispensationalism, he actually has a lot in common with it.  For instance, Wright makes a strong case that the kingdom of heaven is an earthly kingdom which involves Jesus reigning as the Messiah here on earth.  That sounds very dispensational. 

 Another aspect that they have in common is the way they view Scripture as a progressive revelation.  Just dispensationalism emphasizes that God works in different ways throughout different periods of history, Wright teaches that we should read the Bible as a five-act play.  Each new act is different than the previous, and yet it all develops the same overall story.  That kinda sounds dispensational. 

Of course, while these are interesting similiarities, by no means should we conclude that Wright is a dispensationalist (in a traditional sense of the word).  His views about Israel and the church are definitely not dispensational. 



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  1. Matthew C / Apr 11 2007 9:58 pm

    Interesting thought.

    From what I understand, the idea of there being one people of God is central to his theology, which would not be very Dispensational.

  2. Josh Rumenapp / Oct 26 2009 3:32 pm

    very good succinct overview of Wright and dispensationalism. It seems like he is a bug who wanders his way towards a light (dispensationalism) but catches himself at the last second and flies away. Many things he says toes the dispensational line, but then you turn the page and he runs away again.

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