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February 16, 2007 / Daniel

Resources on Revelation

I found several interesting lectures on the website from this conference. Gordon Fee and Greg Beale are passionate teachers and a challenge to listen to.

This is also pretty cool.  This lady goes about painting Revelation.



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  1. Dennis / Feb 17 2007 5:18 am

    Hey Daniel,

    How’s fatherhood treating you? My daughter is now 2 and a half and it goes by quickly. Enjoy it because soon she’ll be running around.

    I know you like good books and I want to recommend this to you. It’s written by a Catholic who was a former Presbyterian and he is very knowledgeable about Scripture.

    He goes into very great detail about Revelation in this book and it may be from a different perspective than you’re used to.

    I’ll admit, I haven’t read it but Amazon has 125 people who’ve reviewed it and it got 5 out of 5 stars.

    Hope all is well.

    God bless.


    btw…I’m starting to write in my blog again. Hopefully, I’ll be more diligent at it.

  2. Mike / Feb 17 2007 6:22 am

    Hey dude, its Mike. Ive been looking for you for awile. Im the dude who tackled the kid in Gering. Anyways. Just thought i would drop a line. My e-mail is I got a myspace too. Ill talk to you soon. catch up. CYA!

  3. Daniel / Feb 17 2007 5:02 pm


    Being a father is awesome. I’m amazed at just how fast she grows. And it’s only been 4 months.

    Thanks for the book recommendation. I’ll check it out.


    It’s good to hear from you. Sorry about losing track of each other. I kinda stopped MSNing.

    What’s been going on? What’s your Myspace addy? I’m not as familiar with Myspace as the blogsphere. How did you find me?

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