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October 10, 2006 / Daniel

the last generation?

As a youth pastor, I’m always getting junk mail from either Ron Luce’s Acquire the Fire or Josh McDowell’s ministry. It seems like most of it predicts that the end is near for Christianity. According to Luce, Christian teens are going the way of the buffalo, and if we don’t do something about it, Christianity is just going to disappear. Recently, even the NY Times did an article about Luce’s concerns.

Several worried folks have given me copies of Luce’s book (I think that Josh McDowell has something on it too). But to tell you the truth, I haven’t even bothered opening them up.

Why? Well, we need to remember that God is sovereign and He is the one who builds the church and guards it. Satan can’t thwart His plans. God won’t allow His church to just disappear like that so there’s no sense getting freaked out about it.



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  1. Bobby / Oct 11 2006 5:30 pm

    So true. I read the big New York Times story last week that talked about the “4% scare:” supposedly only 4% of teens will stay with the faith. The statistic is taken from a footnote in a book over a decade old.

    Of course these are troublesome times, and it should spur us on to a closer walk with Christ and a desire to fulfill our commission, but “Chicken Little-ism” won’t do any good.

  2. Levi Hadley / Oct 11 2006 9:17 pm

    The Church is the “pillar and ground of truth”, the “fullness of Him who fills all in all,” and the “gates of Hell will not prevail against.”

    Seems like there’s no room for Luce or McDowell’s vision of the Church’s failing, unless of course you think that the Church disappeared between AD 100 and AD 1500… hmmmm…

  3. Gordon Cloud / Oct 13 2006 1:38 pm

    I am so glad you posted this, Daniel. There is a lot of doom and gloom being projected on the church right now by many. The church is God’s prized possession, and maybe it isn’t what it ought to be right now, but it is a long way from being dead.

  4. wiilsford / Oct 15 2006 1:33 pm

    ahh, wondered where you’d been. then changed computers, lost the bookmark, etc.

    glad all is well. looking forward to more agreeable disagreeing.

    congrats to the new parents.

  5. Matthew C / Oct 15 2006 3:31 pm

    I do believe that the Church is in a ruined condition. The result is that there are no bodies today that can truly claim to be local churches. There are only meetings of Christians, some on wrong principles and some on right principles.

    God Bless


  6. fiester25 / Oct 15 2006 11:22 pm

    No bodies that can truly claim to be local churches? That’s a pretty pessimistic outlook.

    I guess that I think that the Spirit is a little more active when it comes to His preserving work in the church.

    That doesn’t mean that local churches don’t have problems, but there are a lot of good things about those churches as well.

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