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October 4, 2006 / Daniel


I just finished listening to Mark Driscoll’s sermon at the Desiring God National Conference since it’s the talk of the Calvinist blogworld.  Another example of just how cool Calvinism is.   Hurrah for fads!

Driscoll is a pretty funny guy, but he also is pretty bad at misrepresenting his opponents’ arguments.   Strawmen abound.  I hope that he feels better having shown how idiotic everyone who isn’t a Calvinist is.

I agree with Driscoll on a lot of points (substitutionary atonement, complementarianism), but I’m sometimes ashamed that he represents these views.  Does anyone else feel the same way?



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  1. Chris / Oct 5 2006 12:35 am

    Piper got blasted for inviting him, but I’m glad to see him being displayed as a theologian.

  2. Ryan Martin / Oct 6 2006 1:16 am

    As a friend of mine recently told me, “A religion in which even the doctrines come by fads, will not last long.”

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