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September 27, 2006 / Daniel

The gospel and individualism

Here’s some stuff that I’ve found interesting recently.  Scot McKnight has a couple of lectures online that you really should check out.  They are about the gospel and individualism.  I hope that you find them as challenging as I did.



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  1. Levi Hadley / Oct 2 2006 2:14 pm

    daniel, i came across a funny (if a bit offensive) poster describing the reformation:

  2. Levi Hadley / Oct 2 2006 2:15 pm

    daniel, i came across a funny (if a bit offensive) poster describing the reformation:

  3. Leo / Oct 3 2006 10:36 am


    Thanks for the link to the conf. I found the first message by McKnight to be quite thought provoking as I have had some of those thoughts going through my mind for quite a while. I strongly feel that the lack of commitment to the church is due to individualism. Interesting that he ties individualism to the way in which the gospel is preached. I tend to think that it is more of a discipleship issue. I suppose if we tie in “considering the cost” to include commitment to the body of Christ then it works but we do not want to add to the gospel either. I’ll be interested to listen to the other messages.

  4. fiester25 / Oct 3 2006 9:43 pm


    Yeah! That poster is pretty offensive. Maybe if I wasn’t a Protestant, I would find it funnier.


    I guess that I tied evangelism and discipleship together more. Salvation is about believing in Jesus and belonging to Jesus and his people. What do you think?

  5. Leo / Oct 4 2006 10:36 am

    I agree that evangelism and discipleship are tied closely together. Certainly once one is saved then that person belongs to Christ and His people – all being part of His Body the Church. But how can the gospel be ministered in such a way as to ensure that that relationship is understood? Should commitment to the Church – The Body of Christ be part of the gospel message or is it taught once the person is saved and the discipleship process begins? I agree that these are closely linked but is including these things adding to the gospel or part of the gospel? Most gospel presentations deal with the seeker coming to Christ for Salvation. Once the person comes to Christ and is saved then we teach about the church and commitment I’ll be interested to hear how Mr. McKnight handles the subject.

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